Organize your team’s slides and presentations easily

Slides search engine, easy company-wide update, content de-duplication, usage tracking, etc.

Powerful slides search engine

Find any slide by search for words in contains, regardless of the file it’s coming from

Slide search engine

Find any slide by typing any keywords it contains, without having to know which file it’s in.

Always up-to-date

Modify a slide once to update it in any presentation that uses it, instantly.

One click templates

Let your team use templates in one click without having to think if their slides are up-to-date

Always up-to-date

Always use the latest version of any slide when generating a presentation.


Each team in your company can have access to different templates.

Powerful organizer

Tag your slides so that they don’t have to be stuck in a specific file or folder in your team drive


Example : Tag slides with “EN” or “FR” to allow specific team to see slides in their language


Example: I want to see all English slides from marketing about the banking industry.

Track the impact of your presentations

Know when your customers open your presentations and how long they spend on each slide to make sure you concentrate on the best ones


Be notified when a presentation has been opened or forwarded


The time your customers spend on each slide is tracked so you can see what catches their attention

Personalise on the fly

Change words in your templates when generating a file or a tracking link to talk to your client directly


Add variables to your slides, we will detect them automatically.

for your customer

Tracking what your customer reads is important. But even more if they read their own name!

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