Search in all your slides in a matter of seconds

Deckmatic indexes all of your company’s Powerpoint slides and allows your teams to find them instantly by searching in their content

Your team’s best slides, finally easy to find

Deckmatic lets your teams find and use the latest version of any slide or presentation regardless of where it’s stored.

Slide search engine

Find any slide by typing any keywords it contains, without having to know which file it’s in.

Always up-to-date

Modify a slide once to update it in any presentation that uses it, instantly.

Track the impact of your presentations

Know when your customers open your presentations and how long they spend on each slide to make sure you concentrate on the best ones


Be notified when a presentation has been opened or forwarded


The time your customers spend on each slide is tracked so you can see what catches their attention

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Some Insights

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Powerpoint presentations made daily in the world


time saved by Deckmatic users for sales proposals


minutes to create a presentation on Deckmatic

What our customers say about us

Marie-Vorgan le Barzic
CEO & founder at NUMA
“Since we started using Deckmatic, all of our business proposals fit the latest directions of the marketing team, without effort. A breeze.”
Thibault Renouf
CEO at Partoo
“We have onboarded about 90 people on Deckmatic, and since we’re planning on hiring hundreds of people next year, this will help the newcomers become operational faster than ever.”

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